Fatores Cognitivos na Tomada de Decisões Forenses

Cognitive Factors in Forensic Decision Making*

22 de maio de 2017

Carga horária: 8 horas
Investimento: R$ 400,00

This workshop covers brain and cognitive issues relating to perception, judgment, interpretation and decision making. It then connects the cognitive science issues to practical and specific issues in making forensic decision making. In addition to knowledge about the cognitive factors in forensic decision making, the workshop also provides practical solutions to address weaknesses as well as best practices to enhance forensic practices.

Intended Audience

This training program is aimed at CSI, forensic examiners, QA and managers across all forensic science domains. This training program is appropriate for beginner, intermediate, and advanced level staff.

Learning Objectives

  • Background information regarding the human mind and cognitive system
  • How decisions are made
  • The connection between information and a variety of forensic decision making
  • How cognitive factors can be utilized to make forensic experts’ work more efficient
  • Pitfalls and errors that can occur in forensic decision making


* Para este workshop, não haverá serviço de tradução simultânea
** Para adquirir a participação no workshop, o interessado deve estar inscrito na InterFORENSICS 2017



Dr. Itiel Dror is a cognitive neuroscientist who received his Ph.D. at Harvard (1994) in the area of cognitive factors in human expert performance. Since his Ph.D. over twenty years ago, Dr. Dror has been researching this area, and has published over 100 peer-reviewed articles specifically looking at cognitive factors that mediate human expert performance. His insights and understanding of the human brain and cognitive system underpin the workshop.