The largest integrated Forensic Sciences event in Latin America

Domestic and foreign speakers and exhibitors on nine conference tracks

The Conference

InterFORENSICS is the conference held by the Brazilian Academy of Forensic Sciences and the Brazilian Society of Forensic Sciences that will gather professionals such as criminal experts, coroners, other Civil and Federal Police officers, judges, members of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, public defenders, lawyers, researchers and students from various areas of forensic sciences.

A Word from the President

to unite…

in the same place and at the same time.

Union is the key word of interFORENSICS: to unite state and federal criminal experts from a large number of areas of expertise; to unite judges, members of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, public defenders and lawyers around a theme so important to justice; to unite researchers, students, forensic sciences professionals and companies that operate in the area, in the same place and at the same time. This is the essence of the Brazilian Academy of Forensic Sciences – union. The event also unites several key entities to discuss Justice and Public Safety.

Science and justice must always walk together, and at interFORENSICS they are united as well.

Hélio Buchmüller

President – ABCF

A Word from DITEC

Institutional Support

from the Federal Police

The Federal Police Criminal Forensics, whose mission is to act in the interests of justice and human rights by securing material scientific evidence that is both impartial and of good quality, has a vision for the future to become a world reference in the implementation and development of Forensic Sciences.

This is why the Federal Police is institutionally supporting InterFORENSICS through its Technical and Scientific Directory, the National Institute of Criminalistics and its 51 technical and scientific units.

Federal Criminal Experts throughout Brazil who are trained in 18 areas of expertise and work in central and decentralized units in the countryside and in the capitals of the 26 states and the Federal District, are collaborating in the planning, organization and implementation of the event, acting as speakers, panelists, mediators and participating in all 10 conference tracks and related events.

We have no doubt that, with the participation of all stakeholders in the development of the Forensic Sciences the first International Forensic Sciences Conference – InterFORENSICS 2017 to be held in the city of Brasília – DF in May 2017, will be a success!

José Jair Wermann

Federal Police Technical and Scientific Director


There will be 10 conference tracks at interFORENSICS 2017:

Questioned Documents
Forensic Genetics
ICCyber – Computer Forensics
ICMedia – Forensics Multimedia
Justice and Society
Forensic Pathology, Odontology, Anthropology and Behavioral Sciences
Crime Scene Investigation
ICFinancialCrimes – Forensic Financial
Environmental Forensics and Forensic Engineering
ENQFOR – Forensic Chemistry


All areas of expertise in one event! We will be posting more information as speakers confirm their participation. Keep informed: please visit our website regularly and follow interFORENSICS in social networks:


Associated Events


May 22nd, 2017
Pre-event: Symposium on new psychoactive substances: regulatory and forensic aspects
The symposium will be coordinated by the Brazilian Health Regulatory Agency (Anvisa)
More info and enrollment
Itiel Dror

May 22nd, 2017
Pre-conference Workshop: Cognitive Factors in Forensic Decision Making
Dr. Itiel Dror
University College London
More info and enrollment

May 22nd, 2017
Study of Blood Stains at Crime Scenes
Com Antonio A. Canelas Neto
Federal Police Department
More info and enrollment

May 22nd, 2017
Glass breaking patterns and their relationship with the dynamics of facts in crime scenes
Com Cristiano Furtado Assis do Carmo
Federal Police Department
More info and enrollment

Annual meeting of the AICEF
The Academia Iberoamericana de Criminalística y Estudios Forenses – AICEF, which gathers the heads of Ibero-American Forensic Science bodies, will hold its annual meeting at InterFORENSICS 2017.

CNPC meeting
Conselho Nacional de Perícia Criminal – CNPC, the national forensic sciences council, will meet during InterFORENSICS 2017.

Meeting of Federal Criminalistics Directors
A forum that gathers the heads of Federal Police criminalistics units in the States and the Federal District, and the Federal Police Technical and Scientific Director to discuss federal criminalistics standard practices throughout Brazil.

33rd Meeting of the INTERPOL DNA Monitoring Expert Group (MEG)
Meeting of representatives from various parts of the world, with recognized experience and knowledge in forensic genetics, with the purpose of guiding Interpol DNA-related policies and procedures.

Technical Forum on Information Technology Forensics

May 22 and 26, 2017
Accounting Inspection Improvement Meeting
The Accounting and Economic Inspection Service of the National Institute of Criminalistics will hold the Accounting Inspection Improvement Meeting on May 22nd and 26th, 2017, in partnership with the National Police Academy. The event aims to offer Federal Criminal Experts further accounting and finance knowledge, to discuss aspects of criminalistics management in the Federal Police and debate special topics in forensic examinations in the area.

Book Signings


Tratado de Computação Forense
InterFORENSICS will hold a book-signing afternoon with the authors of Tratado de Computação Forense, published by Editora Millenium.


The deadline for submission of scientific papers was extended until March 6.

Being a scientific event by nature, InterFORENSICS will feature oral and poster presentations of research work. We are counting on your research to enrich our event!

Download the submission tutorial here.



Register here!


Registration for InterFORENSICS is open! Promotional prices apply for advance registrations.

Seize the opportunity to refresh your knowledge alongside the best professionals and scholars from all fields present at InterFORENSICS.

We look forward to seeing you there!

IMPORTANT: Members of our partner organizations and makers of this conference should contact said organizations before making their application in order to withdraw their voucher.

Teachers and students must attach proof of affiliation with their education institution upon application.


Online applications will be accepted up to 12/May/2017, after which applications may be made on the date and venue of the event only.


* Requests for cancellation of applications may be made until 12/May/2017 (Friday), in writing, with justification, and forwarded to the Executive Secretariat by e-mail: secretaria@interforensics.com

  • Applicants shall be entitled to a refund of the amount paid less 30% for administrative costs.
  • The refund will be deposited within 60 days after the event.
  • When requesting the refund, please send your bank details for transfer of the reimbursement.
  • Requests for cancellation made after the deadline will not be refunded.


Keynote speakers

Alfredo Werner
Bruno Trindade
Claudio Pérez Tabacow
Eduardo Lima Silva
Helvio Peixoto
Jorge Zacca
Marcos Morais
Guilherme Jacques
John Buckleton
Jorge Freitas
Meiga Menezes
Roberta Gregoli
Rodrigo Moura Neto
Daniel Cunha
Eduardo Lacerda
Flavio Vidal
Paulo Max Reis
Rodrigo Távora
Rosane Baldasso
Vincent Hughes
Erik Siqueira
Gilberto Sudré
Ivo Peixinho
Keyun Ruan
Lerry Granville
Luciano Kuppens
Silvino Schlickmann
Cristina Serra
Adriane Rêgo
Alexandre Deitos
Aluisio Trindade
Antonio Serafim
Bianca Santiago
Carlos Palhares
Ilana Casoy
João Batista Rodrigues Júnior
Luciana Lima
Luiz Prestes
Malthus Galvão
Manoel Campos Neto
Marcos Paulo Machado
Paulo Enio da Costa Filho
Rhonan Ferreira da Silva
Samuel Ferreira
Zenaide Kernbeis
André Montanini
Cleber Muller
Daniel Miranda
Lehi Sudy
Joyce Austin
Marcus Vinicius Andrade
Roberto Cabral Borges
Alexandros Makriyannis
Angeline Yap
Barry Logan
Clésia Nascentes
Denis Arsenault
Henrique Marcelo
Mauricio Yonamine
Nikolas Lemos
Núbia Pereira
Rachel Christie
Renata de Morais Souza
Suzana de Moura
Telma Nascimento
Thiago Paixão
Adilson Carvalho Silva
Amaro Gomes
Ari Carrion
Eduardo Siqueira
Fernando Murcia
Rafael Lima
Ricardo Hurtado


Why sponsor? interFORENSICS is the best discussion forum for professionals and institutions in the forensic sciences . Experts, managers, researchers, legal practitioners and companies that develop and market products and services to meet the area’s demands will be present. Joining interFORENSICS is an opportunity to strengthen relationships, to make new contacts and to introduce products and services to a qualified audience in search of innovation.

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